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🍁 ! PAYMENT ! Payment from BonusBitcoin Recieved ! 🍁
🍁 ! PAYMENT ! Payment from Upbitcoin Recieved ! 2 Times Paid. Shifting Upbitcoin to Realiable List. 🍁
🍁 ! PAYMENT ! Luckbitcoin paid after 1 month for the pending request. 🍁
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  1. Usha Malhotra

    Very good faucet. I am using this site from last 3 months.

  2. Garison P

    Slowly slowly they are decreasing reward value.

  3. Vinod Kumar

    I got paid from this site. Thank you

  4. Plissken

    Since I don’t have time for low-paying faucet, ClaimBTC is really awesome.

  5. alessandro

    Claim BTC is missing,probabily SCAM

    • Reviewer

      I got paid two days back. May be there server is making problem. After all they are big site.

  6. Thank you for providing site list.

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