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Thebtcgenerator.com is scam ?

This site is not recommended.

Gradually increasing satoshis looks good for many as they love bitcoins, and this concept first started by faucet moonbit.co.in later copied by many other sites in which one is thebtcgenerator.com , in these kind of faucet users are allowed to claim amount any time they visit faucet by filling one captcha. These claimed amount will add to the balance and at certain slab it will either go directly to there Bitcoin address or to any gateway faucet like faucetbox.com.

thebtcgenerator.com is one of that gradually increasing satoshi faucet which turn scam and not paying any more. Its more then 2 weeks passed they not paid to any, while they have certain rules in there site showing

Important: Your balance will be paid on Sunday each week if you reach 10,000 Satoshi!

This site is not recommended.


  1. Keith Millward

    Its gone now along with my 64000 satoshi..

  2. Cesar

    hola, si yo también tengo varios bits acumulados y ahora me pone que 404 not found, me parece bastante raro ya que anteriormente estuve cobrando

  3. I have 21319 satoshi, sunday has passed by and no pay.

  4. ouaret

    J’ai accumulé 70000 satoshis et à ce jour, aucun paiement.
    Ce site est une arnaque

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