Bitcoin games ( free bitcoins )

Bitcoin Games
Counter Strike is added to the List

Bitcoin Games

Earning free bitcoin by playing games is something people love.  There are contests too in these games which gives huge rewards for the top gainers.

Bitcoin games are new trend in online earning sources and very innovative too because it attracts many users to stay tune with these sites. Usually these sites are making users busy with new adventures and new bonuses. Some of famous bitcoin game sites are listed below :

S.No Site Name Reward / Hour Timer (Minutes) Payout Join
1 Counter-Strike ~ 600 Satoshi 1 Min 10 Instant [FaucetHub]
1 Febbit ~ 60 Satoshi 60 Min 1000 Instant [FaucetHub]
1 Cointiply ~ 5000 Satoshi 60 Min 30000 Instant [FaucetHub]
1 TomyGame ~ 550 Satoshi Daily 100 Instant [FaucetHub]


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