ExpressCrypto Review

ExpressCrypto Microwallet Review

Once faucethub which was a big microwallet for faucet owners decided to close their doors. ExpressCrypto is the once which is some how identical to faucethub came into fame. It was demand of the time too and due to its easy features which resembles with faucethub , users migrated from faucethub to expresscrypto.

 What are the features of ExpressCrypto ?

ExpressCrypto is giving support to many cryptocoins including [ Bitcoin ( BTC ), Litcoin ( LTC ), Doge ( DOGE ) , Ripple ( XRP ), BitcoinCash ( BCH ), Bytecoin ( BCN ), Dash ( DASH ), DigiByte ( DGB ), Ethereum ( ETH ), Lisk ( LSK ), Monero ( XMR ), Neo ( NEO ), Peercoin ( PPC ), Potcoin ( POT ), Stratis ( STRAT ), Tron ( TRX ), Waves ( WAVES ), Zcash ( ZEC ) ]. Faucetowners or Online payments can be handles in that many coins.

ExpressCrypto also providing facility to earn even inside its platform through many means like Offers , Shortner visits etc. There is chat feature for users to interact with each other, chat is  having rain as a feature through which users can get dust of crypto while chatting. Chat is supported by many international languages ( English , Russian, Espanol , French , Arabic, Philippines etc ).

ExpressCrypto is also supporting two internal coins ( Ex-Gold and Ex-Silver ) for task within its platform or can be converted into other cryptocoins. It is good unique feature which gives ExpressCrypto platform to increase more features in future.

ExpressCrypto is having an internal exchange where users can convert one crypto into another by paying very small fees. This feature is very much essential and gives expresscrypto really upper hands over other microwallets available in market.

Like many other microwallets , ExpressCrypto is also giving affiliation links to refer other online earners and faucet owners. Providing 10% downline earning for the offers they do on site.

ExpressCrypto API usage ?

Like other microwallets available in market ExpressCrypto is also providing manually approved API facility to use there platform for crypto payments.  1500 API Calls / 1 hour is the limit which can be increased on demand, but 1500 API calls are sufficient enough specially for those faucets which handles payments in batches.

ExpressCrypto API is easy to use and having same library which Faucethub was using. So its easy to migrate your faucet from faucethub to ExpressCrypto within 5-10 minutes depends on your understanding for the codes.

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