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One of the best faucet which pays always on time and quickly. And Reliable since last 5 years in the faucet micro earning. One of the biggest free online income source too.

Features of

I am going to list features available in

  • Free faucet with 1 hour timer. It is set of $0.002 per claim so it depends on US to BTC market if BTC goes down reward will go up and if BTC goes up reward become less. But in USD it is $0.002 fixed.
  • Free reward points and lottery tickets with every faucet claim. Also have features to increase lottery and reward points for the time being by purchasing boosters.
  • They have contest too for every weak.
  • One of the best faucet having annual interest system which gives approx 4.05% per annum on your balance above 30,000 Satoshis.
  • Affiliation system which gives extra earning for every claim your downline do on faucet or its saving. The percentage is 50% of the claim.


  • Easy understanding of website.
  • Easy to signup.
  • Easy to withdraw.
  • Quick Payments.


  • Timer is 1 hours which is big.
  • Reward is less compare to other market faucet.
  • For non-betting users except faucet no other way to earn.

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