Review Review is one of the unique faucet launched many year back with the facility of user’s choice timer. Faucet reward remains increasing with time , it depends onĀ  how much time in between claims. Minimum is 5 minutes.

Features of

I am going to list features available in

  • Free faucet with user’s choice timer. Rewards are based on geographical tier system. If you belongs to nation on tier 1 and tier 2 you reward will be more.
  • This faucet is based on a self designed microwallet called Coinpot, so your reward will get collected over there , which can be withdraw to your wallet.
  • On each claim there is a facility of giving free coinpot tokens with it. Coinpot tokens can be converted or used for purchasing lottery or playing game or can be converted into another cryptocoin available in exchange.
  • Affiliation system is also available which gives 50% of the reward on each claim from your downline.
  • Other than faucet there is facility of offerwalls to earn more ( Wannads, OfferDaddy, SuperRewards etc)



  • Easy understanding of website.
  • Easy to signup.
  • Easy to withdraw.
  • Quick Payments.
  • Other than faucet offers are also available.


  • Rewards are less for tier4 countries.
  • Reward is less compare to other market faucet.

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