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Scam scam , domain is on sale scam , is on sale is quite famous in between faucet users as well as faucet owners. It is a micro payment processor.  It is sad news but like to inform all my blog visitors not to use epay faucets as that will end with your coins not to get paid.

My payments are pending since last 3 months , i was expecting due to some financial crisis they are delaying but no , they are not in any mood to pay.

Updated  as on 14th June 2017 : Still many faucets are not yet moved to another payment system due to that faucet users are not able to judge if epay really scam or not. Kindly make your research and don’t waste time on epay.

Also due to selective payments from Epay , they are just keeping faucet users mouth shut by showing few payments are processed. But my point is : ” If faucet owners already paid there coins to epay for faucet users , why epay is not paying those coins to faucet users ? ” is this not a valid question ?  For sure Epay used those coins in either gambling or trading and lost there. So they are not in condition to pay.

Anyways , there domain is on Auction on and , and as per my experience they are not going to pay anyone.

Link of domain on godaddy Auction : ( Auction goes into private after users started complaining  )

Link of domain on Auction :

What to do now ?

Don’t get panic , this is not new thing. Many other sites already ran off in past. All you have to do is don’t cashout from faucets having thresold and paying to epay , unless Faucet Owners will make another option available. And i am sure those faucets which are serious with there business will provide alternate very soon. Like they did when faucetbox got closed.  Have patience.

Your cashout into epay will go waste , as all the money whatever they will get will go dumped with them.

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  1. DingDingDong

    Bitcoin unconfirmed transactions
    At the time of writing this news there ~139,400 unconfirmed transactions on the bitcoin network.
    This could cause some delays on Bitcoin payments

    New features and updates
    We thank all of our users for their patience this week with delayed payments and delay in answering emails and tickets.
    We’ve been busy on new features and things and you will see them being added slowly over the coming week.

    Delayed payments
    If your payment date is due (maximum 5 days is passed) and you haven’t received yet, we are aware and your payment will be sent with 1 day delay on Friday 20:00 GMT time.

    • Reviewer

      This message they wrote more then 1 month ago. And still that message is showing on top. So u can imagine how much professionally they tried to scam and taking excuse of Blockchain.

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