How to get Semux coin Airdrop

Airdrop Semux

Semux ( SEM ) is a new cryptocurrency in market with professional developers. This coin is supported by famous BitSend.  And as per MarketGurus this coin have potential to grow faster due to ” Java Technology ” it is one of the Unique coin designed Java Based Blockchain.

Some of there official Websites are :

Semux.info :- Semux coin roadmap website.

Semux.org :- Semux official website to get the knowledge of  coin

Semuxchain.info :- Block Explorer of  Semux coin.

Semux coin airdrop is going on till February 2018. So what are the criteria and how to get Semux coin for free. I will explain it here in this post.

Semux coin Airdrop


First thing to do is check if you have an old Bitcoin address which was funded with atleast 0.01 BTC at the time of Bitcoin Block 480,000 ? If your answer is yes then go ahead and read. Further.
Bitcoin Block 480,000 was on found on Date : 10th August 2017 ( LINK TO CHECK BITCOIN 480,000 BLOCK DETAILS )


Now copy your Bitcoin address , and paste that here in this link :- https://www.semux.org/btc/ and click Lookup button. If your Address was found then you are lucky you can get :-
If your balance was more then 1 BTC , you will get 1000 SEM.
If your balance was less then 1 BTC , you will get 20 SEM.

Those who are illegible for SEM coin will get this text message after Lookup :-

BTC Address: 1MXMD8BgCL5kVuqDoWgikD19eMGRzMjSu2
Blanace: 0.10707759 BTC
Airdrop: 20.0 SEM

If you are illegible for SEM Coin. Then time for action.
Download SEM Wallet from this Link :- https://www.semux.org/#start ( Right now Wallet is available for both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Window Users )
Download it and install it. And Generate SEM Address.
Wallet after Installation will look like this.
Semux Wallet Airdrop Balance


Generate one address and copy it.
make new semux wallet address


How to export privatekey from coin wallet
It is just a reminder to take backup of your address, Take secretkeys safe for future use.


Now go to your Bitcoin Wallet , Which one you are using. If you are using Bitcoin QT then open it and run this command in Debug :- Help > Debug Window > Console
signmessage “your_bitcoin_address” “your_semux_address”
Press enter and signature in your bitcoin address will become set.


First Login to blockchain.info Wallet
Then click on Settings > Addresses and see in right hand panel. Your address. Then follow the image below :-

how to put signature on a bitcoin address

how to put signature on a bitcoin address

Once you ” Sign ” button , One window will open with the Signature as shown in image below. Copy It.
how to apply for airdrop


After putting signature in your Bitcoin address.
Visit this link to apply for Semux coin Airdrop.
LINK FOR SEMUX AIRDROP : https://goo.gl/forms/tXh3Gd8Z6LddBw6H2;

semux airdrop form application

That’s it you applied for Semux Coins. Hope you got your coins and enjoy its price in coming future.
Take care ! and always take backups.

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