How to earn bitcoin from

Earning bitcoin from

Earning bitcoin dust from internet is easy all you have to follow these steps. If you are first time online bitcoin maker then read steps carefully.

If you are new you must know that earning bitcoin need one wallet. I am giving you some online wallet links which i am also using. You can use any of these wallet.

Once you get the wallet done. Make your BTC address generated and use it while signup.

In this step now you need to visit : click on the link. And signup an account. Using your email and BTC address.
Its time to earn Bitcoin. Your account is ready ? login with those credentials. Make sure you activate your account with the verification email sent from site to your email.

Once logged in you will see this claim box mentioned below. tutorial

The image given below will appear when you claim the reward. tutorial

Reward amount is getting Up and Down depends on Bitcoin Vs Dollar Price.

Claim this reward every hour.
You can cashout BITCOIN to your wallet when you collect 30000 satoshi.

Now a little calculation for new user of bitcoin.
Bitcoin is having 100000000 Satoshi which means 1 BTC ( 1 Bitcoin ). So this site is not going to make you rich but will give you small units like Cents for Dollar or Paisa for Rupee. Satoshi is like Cents/Paisa.


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