Faucethub Guide

Faucethub is a microwallet giving facility to both , faucet owners as well as faucet earners.  In this tutorial i am going to cover faucet earners and later will make separate post for faucet owners. So i am going to make this tutorial as a FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question ).

How to register account on faucethub ?

Click this link to signup and follow the image below.


How to login on faucethub ?

Follow this image to understand how to login.


After login using username and password. Faucethub is having one more layer of protection for secret answer.


Understand faucethub dashboard menu ?

Follow this image to understand which dashboard menu tab is for what purpose.


How to add coin address in faucethub ?

Follow this image to understand how to add coin address in faucethub.


Don’t ever try to refer one address to another address while claiming in faucets. Faucethub is having a fraud check system which will catch your own referred addresses. For example : Getting referral to yourself on a faucet with having one address as upline and another address as downline. This kind of referring to faucet is treated as Cheating and fraud detector can make your account freezed.

Note: There is possibility you get paid one coin on any other address, For example : BTX , BCH , BTC are having same set of address due to Fork of Bitcoin. So You can get your coins from faucethub faucet on one single address.

How to check earned coins in faucethub ?

This is a the main question usually new users are asking. Where they can see how many coins they earned because there are so many logs in faucethub in same dashboard. How to know how many coins they earned that day.

The given image below will tell you how u can know your daily earned coins.


How to withdraw coins from faucethub ?

Withdrawing coins from faucet hub is little typical for new users as they got confused due to Thresold. Many of them are thinking its a free money so they can get any amount withdrawl to there wallet. But its not correct. Yes it is free money but Network fees is still there for the transaction, and to reduce that transaction fees usually all services either Direct paying faucets or Microwallet put a thresold so that they can collect many request in one Transaction and reduce fees charges. ( For thresold limit on coins we already mentioned in our Faucethub review post :- Click to check Faucethub Review Post )


Once click the coin to withdraw , One form will appear to enter amount ( make sure you reached the thresold to cashout ) , Follow the instruction given in the image below.


How to deposit coins in faucethub ?

Deposit in faucethub is an optional and present in User’s dashboard menu. Through which a user can deposit all type of coins available and supported by faucethub. There is a fees of 1.5% for deposit.

  • Deposit in faucethub is for two purpose
  • Either someone want to run faucet

User want to upgrade his account to premium membership.


How to earn from faucethub ?

Earning from faucethub is having many ways.

  • Offerwalls having (Wannads, ptcwall, Peanutlabs, Dryverless ads, Personally and OfferDaddy)
  • Browser Mining
  • Faucets
  • There are other ways of earning there like Rain, Tips etc



How to secure my faucethub account ?

Securing faucethub account with extra layer of protection. And checking logs and getting alerts is available. Follow the instructions given below in the provided image.


How to delete my faucethub account ?

😛 Honestly this is one of the frequent question asked by many. Before it was not an option but when many users asked this question, so they provided this facility too. Under security Tab there is option for delete in faucethub.


How to style my username in faucethub ?

How to reset my password in faucethub ?

How to change my username in faucethub ?

Here in this section taking 3 question. As all answers are in one page. So we cover all three question mentioned above.
Make sure Styling and changing username in faucethub needs a fees.

  • 10000 satoshi fees for changing username
  • 50000 satoshi fees for styling username